Happy Within

Being Happy Within, Only is from Purity and Self Dependent, it doesn’t mean you ‘Own a Business’, nor do you even ‘Work’, You can even live in the Streets, as homeless people do, maybe not even be Homeless, just love the idea to live in the wild, and getaway from Materialistic undesirables, have lot’s of money, maybe you do, what’s the use of being filthy rich, and not able to spend it all, before your dying days, Lives are in poverty, in need of Real attention, who will help the ‘Soul in Need’.?, Who are you, who are they, they don’t know you, you don’t know them, but what about the Land of Potential, Mother Nature, Gods Creation, Given to us Free of Charge, but we Steal her Productive Growing medicine that could Cure the world from diseases and Plague, also we seek beyond our needs, towards wanting more becomes of Greed, forgetting if we plant a seed, “If it’s Right, or wrong, Take what you Need, not what you want”.. Show the Children the Values of The Future, and generations to have the ability to witness, Evolution, kindly changing, rather than feeding their minds with Competitions, resulting in hate and Demolitions..

I am happy even though I lived a hard Abused Life, but, I’m not the only one, ‘God bless all the Hurt Souls’, I hope you find your way, if you are on your own doing it, we know people in your life hate on you this very moment we breathe and blame us for their every mistake, or shy to look our way in fear of their ego, although they have Sinned heavily, without anyone witnessing ‘their past’ they paint the picture and portrait it as it is us, of the things they did without a care, setting us back for their selfish greed, plus more, knowing we have caught on to them, busted.., but I don’t care, I entertain myself, and a good crowd, ‘Without Conversations scratching others’, – ‘Just don’t do it to me, and I won’t go hard with facts against you’, but always try to never inflict pain, and keep things positive at all times…

I’ll let you in on a secret, I never showed Gratitude, when I found out they were dissing me, (My whole lifestyle and financial had been messed with from the start – Compromised with cons and Tricksters, which set me back, crucially negative downfall, on the wrong time of currency and E.U plans). even when they called me Ungrateful, selfish, or Crazy, the Biggest of my Secrets was and is, Never Let Anyone tell ‘You’ Who ‘You Are’ because you are the only, living your Flesh/Body, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere 24/7/365 days, I am who? I am such as you, and we alone know our journey’s and what each individual had dwelt with, who we are, and if you don’t know who you are, then learn about yourself and fix up the aspects you wish to modify, and learn to respect yourself with confidence learn to oppose hard tasks, even if you don’t smile on the outside, you always have to smile on the Inside – Longer Life…

Choose a Passion and work with it, plan, Steps, practice, accomplishments, achievements bring, a Boost to Confidence, equals Happiness, bring back your Glow!

You can never be Lonely, Pick a Passion, get out and do it, ‘Don’t give up’, you will never be lonely, as you will always meet people otherwise, it gets worse, just that time you spend dwelling over setbacks, which bring setbacks, always keep motivated, ‘A Must at All Cost’… ‘Times are Tough’, though, ‘Times are Good’, even if antagonizing lessons, experience, brings knowledge and wisdom, draw a plan, write some steps, and follow each one ‘In Order’, and surely you will get to where you’re going..! Respect the rightful ways, even if you’re a Ruff-nut in fear and  all for an image, Snap out of it, you are not the only special treatment around if you believe you are worth more than anybody else, we are all in this together, so, Be Truthful to Yourself/Others            With a SMILE….!


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