The Newest Playground in the Heart of Town

The Newest Playground in the Heart of Town

Plain & Simple Blog – Pictures Speak the Words, I could have said more, though won’t, as Rage would Burn with Fire…

This Adventure Playground had been Built, no more than half a year ago, & this had been my First time with Chance to Bring my Daughter here, as you can see behind is the Beach, soothing atmosphere; & with these Brainiac Hoons, who think Not, But to vandalize property that they themselves should not have been near…


2014-11-17 12.55.26

2014-11-17 12.56.51

At the top of the Slide, & if I do decide to go back there again, I will take a photo, if the council hasn’t cleaned it(as I complained) is a picture of a Butt, as you can see the Arrows pointing down Slope…

2014-11-17 12.57.04

These tags are Local & Clearly marked by Football Fanatics, Young & Reckless;

2014-11-17 12.58.08

I’m against Physical Abuse, but when things like this happen, I would like to be the One, who Arrest & place the Culprits in a Wet Prison Cell, Have them all Naked, & wash them Down with a Fire Hose “Full Pressure”;

You Little Wankers, Shame on you, Let’s just hope “IF” you Punks have a family, your children Aren’t subject to Your Fine Work…

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Good News, after so long the park has been cleaned and restored to a healthy atmosphere.,

I Could Not Save You My Good Friend. Part 2

Part 2                                       I Could Not Save You, My Good Friend,

I Now had Uncurled that Tail of mine,
having been told the Truth, 
Relieving me of the Agony lived with, for so much time.

After some research, then being told,
to release all guilty feelings, & for my Strength to Hold,

I then had been informed of the Tragic News,
which made me upset, now I was on a Rampage to find more Clues.

Funeral 1

First of all to let you all know,
that this my friends is not some hype, 
& nor some cheap lie, or a Far fetched Show.

With whatever comes next with at visual replayed,
& before I get there, I Must clear my Throat, without further Delayed,

This is what I have to say to give you all a Logic View,
Describing the Where, what, when, Why & Who,

I who Lived a Life of Heartache & Grief,
Surely had no intentions to inflict pain on others, 
with I Informing in one short Brief,

I lived my Years Athletic & Number 1,
i would finish first completing all Tracks, 
with my Adrenalin running wild, after hearing the startup Gun.

I Never knew of Drugs or what they were for,
nor even Nescafe, or Coca Cola, 
but used to watch people Crave & insist on More,

Until one day when my dreams had been forced to an Absolute Halt,
with life-changing instants, character provoked change with a Jolt.

I had been So upset this one last Straw which topped the Ice,
the people who were supposed to love me forced me into paying their price.

I got mixed up with the Neglected type,
who taught me everything about the wrong & Right,

but I always had a passion for Staying in Control,
with all in Moderation, as I remained eager towards Life, with All my Soul.

I Never revolved Life around Drugs,
but it always seemed that I Couldn’t evade all the hardcore Thugs,

I made friends with all type,
because I considered everyone equal, feeling All your heartbeats, Now, that’s Hype

What’s for sure is that I’m No Saint,
I ‘v made many mistakes, with now with my words of Wisdom, you visualize pictures, the One’s that I Paint.

‘Tony’, in all that happened that night,
Still had an attachment on Heroin, 
but for me, it was a one-off thing, coz I couldn’t Stand the Drug, That’s Right.

I Now Hate the Drug so much more,
as he Finally Lost his Life, 
Finally His Lights Turned Off, & Also the closure of Doors.

Funeral Holy Light Candle lights

I did not know His Weakness at the time,
I answered I could find, this so-called Heroin, this ugly Drug, this Grime.

I felt this Grief, This Guilt, This Shame,
but people who knew me & what happened always said the same thing, ‘Your Not To Blame’,

Even a Cop who was a God Parent to Tony’s Child,
mentioned to me, He Chose his Destiny, always being so Wild.

This Cop even Said that when he was found Dead,
(2 months after we had broke Friendship), this Dealer of his, had picked up & Fled.

I Babysit Tony’s Son when he was in Jail,
my left arm in a Cast, it was time to rehabilitate behind the Rail.

Though, that went all Sour,
coz when he got out, He went Chasing ‘Harry’, every minute, every Hour.

I hadn’t been there after he Got Out,
I was accused of an affair with his wife when he was in, besides she was at Work, & he surely didn’t know what he was talking about,

He was found in his Car outside of our Local Cemetery Dead,
He Injected Bad Stuff, & that’s why His Dealer Fled.

You Dirty Rotten Basted, you Dirty Prick, taking Advantage of people with your Dirty Trick.

Theirs more to the Story than meets the eye, as I buried my friend, and I didn’t even get to Say Bye.

But I know your in a place that’s better, R.I.P My Friend,
with an Apology as I write this Letter,

I’m sorry I was not there with a Mind to Lend,
I’m Sorry I Could Not Save You, My Good Friend..! 

Dedicated to my Good Friend Tony, a Victim of Past & Addictions, though,
I who have lived a Dark Path can tell you one thing;
Most of the Drug users that I have come across, had been the most gentle &
most talented persons.
We are all God’s Creation, & I will not Stop Association when I come across All types of Characters, I can handle myself, this a part of life…
Most Definite of all, I am not afraid of what others say,
knowing yourself!
My Prerogative – Be Natural

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Australia Border Security

Australia Border Security

If You Have had any Bad experiences in the past/recently, with the Australian Border Security,

‘Stressed’ – it’s best to think Rational & please don’t take it out on me…

P.s, leave a short comment on your opinion, so I am taught from another’s experience and point of Perspective..!

Australi Border security 12 Australi Border security 23 Australi Border security

Planting a Seed is where it all begins, & for me, it all began in a place called ‘Australia’.


I’m a ‘Skippy, The Bush the ‘Kangaroo’,
where the Dingo’s come from & the Wombats too,
Eucalyptus trees, where the Koala Bears feast,
the deadliest spiders & snakes, what Incredible Beast,
Crocodile, Sharks, Ostrich, & all sorts of Dangerous Creatures,
All have those special & Unique features.
But we all know, they’re all just a sight to see,
though, best from a distance, that’s where you’d rather be.
Their’s So Much to do, & So Much to see,
never-ending aspects leaving in Mind a Pleasant History.

Kangaroo               koala bears  

Spiders Australians deadliest             dingos

Crocodile Ostrich Shark

I’m a Born & Bred Australian Bloke,
when I hear of Visitors being hassled on Entry, ‘I Choke’,
“It’s Crazy” I say, when Foreigners come our way,
to enjoy a Holiday, & if they’re let through Customs, you’d hear them say,
“Fuck this Shit, You ‘Australians Suck’,
What a load of ‘Bullshit’ this Customs interrogation, plus your Expensive Aussie ‘Buck’,$
We’re not coming back here again, we can’t bring food, nor smile,
coz I’d be searched when they spot me in the Isle,
Can’t look ‘Tired’, ‘Nervous’, or ‘Sweaty’,
Suspected of ‘Drugs’, or looking so ‘Petty’,
b’coz, that’s the first step, when you enter this land,
with this Incident left scarred, everything else I can’t stand.
You have made us Unhappy, here on our very first day,
So what did you Aussies expect us, holiday payers, to say?
Not a problem Mate, search through all our bags, it took us half an hour to close the Zip,
Psychologically Evaluate us & what comes out of our Lip”.

Australi Border security 15    Australi Border security 18

   Australi Border security 17     Australi Border security 16

Australi Border security 19         Australi Border security 24

Australi Border security 25     Australi Border security 26

In reply the Customs say, they’re just doing their jobs,
but all hassled passengers feel, “You Aussies are just Dirty Mobs”.
Please I say to All fellow Neglected,
please Calm down & don’t reenact what’s been reflected,
As to look into the Serious Reasons, to why we keep Australia Protected.
I’m not the Law, I’m just an Aussie Citizen,
But many choose to Claw me, & with Courage, I take your Criticisms.
I hadn’t made those rules, I’m not the head Honcho calling the shots,
I’m a multicultural loving all company, not the one creating plots.
I’m a Creator, the Narrator, but I’m not the one that Hates you All,
‘Tasteful’, despite it all, & certainly not dysfunctional.
Rules are made by those, who sit behind those high rated political Rows,
Don’t ask me who ‘They are’, Who the hell knows..?
I just know we are all programmed to follow their decisions,
With all calculated steps, one wrong move straightened with precisions.
I’m the same kind of person, I feel the same way, I’m just like you,
Even though I came from a different country, ‘I Love to live Life too’.
‘My Sincere Apologies to All who have been Neglected’,
Disallowed a passage through, but thank god for Protection, we need to be Protected.
If you look onto History, it all started from there,
‘Diseases’, ‘Bombs’, ‘Drugs’, & ‘Terrorists’, we once were granted Access without touching a hair.
But an Excuse, that really tightened the seal,
When 9/11 Occurred, Customs cut us off, from all Lenient deals.
At the end of the day, when I travel abroad, & if I do,
I’m definitely following Airport Customs rules, so I can stay True.
I Leave one message from ‘Me to You’ to have it in Our Minds,
When we Migrate to another Country, let’s hope we read the signs.

I am as mentioned an Australian Citizen, and I too had the half Hour Ordeal returning to Melbourne, when Customs pulled me aside, having me unpack my Over packed Suitcases, which took me at least 40 mins to pack and Fit everything in my Cases…
Not only did it take 30 mins Searched I then was let into my Home Land, but it also took me a Good 20 more minutes to Jig Saw puzzle fit everything back in my bags… I was a little Frustrated within myself, and mind you I have a Slight Anger problem when I am Right, and others make me feel wrong, just to test my Patience I tend to Skitz. I cured myself of Anger Management that day.!
Never the less, after all that, I feel safer to know, Australia is Keeping the Country as Safe as possible… If your Clean Just take that extra time with Utmost Patience, & you’ll be on your way..!      Where your concerns are mine..!